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The dictionary defines a forum as "... a place on the Internet where people can leave messages or discuss particular subjects with other people at the same time..."

IDEA Regina is interested in generating discussion and ideas on issues related to individuals with disabilities. We are particularly interested in hearing about local issues. If you have an opinion or issue that needs raising, a comment that needs making, or a problem that needs sorting out let us know using the 'Open Forum'. We encourage you to become actively engage in our online discussions. We will post your contribution as well as any comments that it generates.

We will not accept comments or submissions that are abusive, cruel, promote hatred or are insulting.

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The opinions and philosophies expressed in the "Open Forum" are not necessarily those of IDEA Regina, sponsors or advertisers. All "Open Forum" contributions are the sole expressions and opinions of the author.

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IDEA Regina collects personal information when you send Comments and Questions, when you choose to Become a Member, Donate or Advertise with IDEA. We do not share or sell any of the information you give us.

The Open Forum is a public page on this web site. We will share your contribution to the Open Forum as well as your first name initial and your last name. On request we will withhold your name. We will not share your email address or your location unless you have chosen to do so within the text of your submission.

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