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Privacy Policy

IDEA Regina collects personal information when you send Comments and Questions when you choose to Become a Member, Donate or Advertise With IDEA. We do not share or sell any of the information you give us.

The Open Forum is a public page on this web site. We will share your contribution to the Open Forum as well as your first name initial and your last name. On request we will withhold your name. We will not share your email address or your location unless you have chosen to do so within the text of your submission.

Advertise With IDEA Regina

Are you interested in reaching individuals with disabilities, their families, friends and health care providers with your advertising?

There are 30,500 individuals with disabilities living in Regina who would love to hear about your products and services. Please fill in the form below and someone will contact you as soon as possible.


This is the policy for advertising on the IDEA Regina web site. We will:


  • have two set advertisement sizes for a web page,


  1. the first a 100x100 pixel
  2. and the second a 200x100 pixel ad space,

(Note: ads larger than this can be arranged for but ads will not exceed 400x100 pixels in size.)


  • limit ads to one ad per web page, (Note: Graphics can be used for ads in the graphics side of web site but text only ads will be used for text side of site.)
  • for the first year of operation when an ad is purchased the ad will appear in both the graphics and corresponding text page for duration ad is purchased, (Note: this will be advertised as an inaugural advertising special.)
  • reserve the right to place ads in web pages at our discretion, unless otherwise requested, (Note: where requested by advertiser to have exclusive right to advertise on any given page a small premium could be charged.)
  • have to separate rates available one for for-profit businesses and one for non-profit organizations,
  • offer discounts on multiple page ad orders of 20%.

The advertising price break down per ad will be as follows;

100x100 pixel ad:


  • rate per month


  1. profit - $20.00
  2. non-profit - $10.00


  • six month rate


  1. profit - $100.00
  2. non-profit - $50.00


  • one year rate


  1. profit - $150.00
  2. non-profit - $75.00

200x100 pixel ad:


  • rate per month


  1. profit - $30.00
  2. non-profit - $15.00


  • six month rate


  1. profit - $150.00
  2. non-profit - $75.00


  • one year rate


  1. profit - $200.00
  2. non-profit - $100.00

Now that we have your interest... Fill in the form below and someone will be in touch with you very soon!

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We Thank Our Sponsors For Helping Make This Dream A Reality!

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