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Who We Are

IDEA Regina is people with disabilities, our families, friends, and supporters coming together and working to improve our quality of life. IDEA Regina is about talking with the public and government about disability issues so we can eliminate barriers and disadvantages and achieve a more inclusive society.

Individuals with disabilities can fully participate as equals in our communities and the workplace when society recognizes citizenship rights and empowers individuals with disabilities to living independently and make decisions about their lives.

Vision and Principles

We support the Vision and Principles developed by The Saskatchewan Council on Disability Issues when it released the Saskatchewan Disability Action Plan, June 28, 2001. 



  • A society that recognizes the needs and aspirations of all citizens, respects the rights of individuals to self-determination, and provides the resources and supports necessary for full Citizenship.



  • Citizenship -- individuals with disabilities have the same rights and responsibilities as other citizens. 
  • Independence and self-determination -- We all make choices and decisions every day.  Individuals with disabilities must be empowered to make the same types of choices and decisions about their lives.

IDEA Regina references this vision statement and these principles to evaluate programs and services designed to meet the needs of individuals with disabilities. 

Our Organizations

IDEA Regina is a democratic organization driven by the interest and concerns of its members.

Membership is open to individuals with disabilities, families, friends and supporters. 

The IDEA Regina Board of Directors is elected annually by the membership. The membership sets organizational policies and action priorities at the organization's Annual General Meeting.


We Thank Our Sponsors For Helping Make This Dream A Reality!

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